The hosting account is expired.

Attention the website owner,

The website was earlier hosted for Mr.Simon and the hosting service was expired two months ago. Unfortunately, we are unable to communicate with Mr.Simon as he is not reachable. What we could understand is that that company ran out of business now and no more exists now. Mr.Simon had given us a clue about this as one month back. He also informed us that he will be connecting us with all his customers so that customers can directly pay to us and keep their websites active. 

If you are the website owner you can purchase the hosting account from us and we can activate the sites/emails from our backup repository. We are a trusted world-class web hosting provider having data centers across the world. We have been hosting your websites in the past and were providing excellent support and service to Mr. Simon. 

We have been holding the sites for the last two months and we are unable to keep this further unless the hosting account is activated.

Yours truly,

Aneesh Joseph
Founder & CTO - A Division of Hoovai Technologies Private Limited
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